Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mission of Social Media Best and Worst Practices

To improve the overall Social Media Experience for the people and businesses that are interested in using Social Media to market their business, brand, product or book. This blog is not meant to be unfair, mean or destructive to any person or business. In fact, It is our hope that this blog can offer best practice tips so that even the worst practice cases that are mentioned here will be helped not harmed and can use the feedback and or reviews to improve their site, service or methods. We welcome your comments, examples and input. Please just remember to be courteous and try to provide constructive crticism and not just use your comments or postings to be mean and spiteful.

On purpose there is no advertising on this site for any company, products or services. It is not our intention to profit from this blog in any way. We have a team of 20 active social media users from a number of sites that have agreed to take turns and post advice, tips and reviews. If you are an active social media user on 3 or more sites and would like to join us in contributing content here please email us.... we welcome the input.

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